The future we want to choose
The are many ways to change the world.
We choose to do it through education on innovation, technologies and the future that awaits us. We believe that there is a lack of awareness on the impact exponential technologies and innovation are going to have on the world as we know it:

  • many students are graduating and preparing for a job that could disappear in a few years and they are going to face challenges they’re not prepared to;
  • many managers and professionals are now leading companies that could be questioned by the upcoming changes, and they are not ready to react effectively and efficiently.

Knowing the potentials of technologies and learning how to use them could be an extraordinary source in driving the change, instead of suffering it or trying to resist.
Before the change takes place, we must deal with ethical and legal aspects, and the discussion must be open to the all humanity.
That is why we organize free and highly educational workshops within Italian universities, combining lessons with immersive and collaborative activities.
The goal is to bring the participants to the future and work on the impact and the potentials originated by new technologies, with an overall view that considers the combined effects of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Biotechnologies, Genetics, 3D print, Space Explorations and more.
We are going to expand in the next months to all school with free workshops.

If you want to join us, share with us an idea or a thought, or suggest anything you want, you can email us at or keep in touch via our Facebook page at


Our Mission is to drive the disruptive change resulting from new technologies and innovation, in the right direction.

Our goals:

  • educate hundreds of students about new technologies and on the impact and ethical and social implications they have on our society;
  • encourage cooperation for the resolution of thousands of local and global challenges;

train and encourage all actors of the system (students, companies and institutions) to become conscious protagonists in addressing change in the right direction.